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All Eigenbase source code is maintained in a Perforce server hosted by LucidEra. The server is licensed at no cost through the open-source licensing program generously provided by PerforceSoftware.

Depot open contains the codebase and is read-accessible to all. Depot intra contains corporate files of The Eigenbase Project and is read-restricted. All depots are backed up nightly via rsync to a separate machine provided by Edan Kabatchnik.

You can view the contents of the depot via (username guest, any password). For information on branching policies, see the joint development guidelines.

Julian Hyde maintains a PerforceReviewDaemon which can email you notifications of changes for components in which you register interest.

Because our Perforce server hosts numerous projects (not all directly related), our convention is to prefix each checkin comment with the all-uppercase name of the component followed by a colon, e.g.

MONDRIAN: add a whosit to the whatsit

If you forget to do this, expect to receive nastygrams from project administrators.

For write access to the server, please contact John Sichi. Depending on which project you're contributing to, you may be asked to fill out a joint copyright assignment agreement. Once you have access, please use the p4 passwd command to change your password on the server. Then use the p4 login command to authenticate.

We are currently experimenting with PerforceToSubversionReplication.