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SQuirreL SQL is a nice open-source GUI client. This page explains how to set it up for use with LucidDB; you should be able to apply the same steps to your favorite graphical interface.

  1. Download a copy from Sourceforge. Either download an installer and install it, or just get the "optional" zipfile, unzip it, and run or squirrel-sql.bat.
  2. Make sure your LucidDB server is running. (See LucidDbGettingStarted.)
  3. Create a new driver, filling out the information using the screenshot below. The client jar can be found in the plugin directory beneath your LucidDB installation root.
  4. Create an alias for that driver, using the example localhost URL if your server is running on the same machine. Use sa for the username, and no password.
  5. Connect to the alias and you should get a tree showing a lot of local and foreign catalogs. (NOTE: If you are receiving ConnectException errors, you might want to check out this article: ClientServerLocalhost)
  6. SQuirreL doesn't understand catalogs and schemas very well, so it shows each schema under every catalog (instead of only under its parent). Almost everything an end-user would care about is in the LOCALDB catalog.

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