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This page links to some published benchmarks and applications which could serve as good showcases for LucidDB's architecture.


  • TPC-H: the load and single-stream query portion of this has been known to run successfully at up to 30 gigabyte scale, with the omission/modification of a few queries where subquery optimization still needs work. The concurrent-stream query portion should be able to run too. The concurrent read/write portion can't be implemented exactly as specified since LucidDB does not yet support user-level transactions; a modified version with autocommit should be able to work. Details at LucidDbTpch.
  • DBT-3 is a fair usage implementation of the TPC-H specifications.
  • TPC-R: based on the same schema as TPC-H. Marked as obsolete in 2005, but may still produce interesting results.
  • TPC-DS: currently under development; a draft version is available.
  • SSB: a simplified version of TPC-H which eliminates non-star structure; only available as a PDF describing it (does anyone know of a link to a home page and download?)
  • DWEB: a highly synthetic meta-benchmark which can be used to generate various physical schemas (star, snowflake, constellation) from the same logical schema or subsets thereof


  • BioWarehouse: a bioinformatics project with heavy-duty performance requirements