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This page is a place to put larger scale "to do" items.

  • Integrate UML 1.4 model into "ant test"
    • Write unit tests that use this model and exercise the interesting bits (e.g., clustered imports).
  • More detailed configuration documentation
    • Pointers to Hibernate and Netbeans config information
  • Transient Packages
    • Flesh out Enki/Hibernate transient package implementation
    • Add transient package to sample model (to avoid breaking code gen changes)
    • Write tests against sample model's transient package
  • Upgrade to newer Hibernate, and clean up thirdparty directory and redistribution (including license files for all packages)
  • Move to updated versions of MOF/JMI/UML/XMI; see amof for a potential base we can use to help with this

Little bits:

  • Make code gen throw if a variable name is empty.
    • For example, if an association end has no name it current generates methods which have no var names.
    • Probably should take a pass through and add checking for more things like this. They're currently caught later by javac.
  • Debug mode which minimizes usage of proxies
    • Hibernate has an option pre-instrument classes, which should elminate proxies.
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