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This document describes known differences between Enki and Netbeans MDR (including Enki's Netbeans MDR provider). Do not assume that this document is comprehensive.

Enki/Hibernate Limitations

  • Modification of the results of RefAssociation.refQuery() are not supported. The JMI specification states that these collections should be live (e.g., that associations can be added or removed by manipulating the returned java.util.Collection). Enki does not support this.


  • Netbeans MDR does not allow write transactions to be nested within read transactions. Enki/Hibernate presently allows this, but will soon be modified to explicitly forbid the behavior.
  • Netbeans MDR does not allow read-only transactions to be rolled-back. Enki/Hibernate automatically converts the rollback operation to a commit.


  • The order of association remove events which are triggered as the result of a RefObject.refDelete() operation differs between Netbeans MDR and Enki/Hibernate.